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The Method Behind The Madness

What Is Artist Development?

The music industry has evolved dramatically in the last decade. Labels no longer have time to develop artists, and artists don't need labels to get their music heard--but the need for artist development still exists. Artist development encompasses everything it takes to be successful, but it all falls under these three pillars.

Evolving Your Skill Set

Evolving Your Skill Set

In today's generation, being an artist means also being an entrepreneur. Along with working on your craft every day, we give you an easy way to work on your business too.

Apply Engaging Your Fanbase

Engaging Your Fanbase

Most people will ask how to get more fans, but the real question is how to get more fanatics. We gauge the commitment level of your followers (from listener to fan to fanatic) and use your data to suggest how to take them from someone who listens to the music to someone who buys the music.

Expanding Your Network

Expanding Your Network

You're only as strong as the team you put around yourself. And when moving through the industry, nothing beats a common connection. Save time and immerse yourself in a community of committed musicians.

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Thank you...for real. I take everything these videos have taught me seriously. I don't know if y'all get enough credit or not yet but you need to know how good y'all are.


Chicago, IL

I'm learning so much! I love it and cannot wait to see everything come together.

Hilda Lule

Orlando, FL

I've never seen anything like this! For a career field that can often seem like a maze, Bandbasher is helping me understand the path a whole lot easier.

Marshall Austin

San Diego, CA

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