Success in the music industry shouldn't be this hard.

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The Problem

Due to the complexity of the business, many artists struggle to balance a successful career on their own.

Succes in the Music Industry Problem

The Solution

Bandbasher provides you with the knowledge and tools to simplify what it takes to be successful.

Succes in the Music Industry Problem

Bandbasher Helps You

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Sign a Deal like a Pro

Make Music a Profitable Career

Not Get Taken Advantage Of

Learn The Music Business

Take the Right Step

How will you pave your way to success if you don't know what to do? Learn what you're missing by making an investment in knowledge. Bandbasher connects you to industry knowledge to help you understand the music business and how to succeed in it today.

Apply The Skills You Learned

Apply the Knowledge

As you begin to realize how the business side works, it's time to put that knowledge to use in your career. Build more productive habits by applying new knowledge and skills to everyday activities.

Understand Your Growth as an Artist

See Your Growth

Now it's time to track your career growth. Don't guess when it comes to your progress, because now it's right in front of you. Bandbasher provides tools to recognize which steps worked (and why), and what needs improvement.

What People are saying

Thank you...for real. I take everything these videos have taught me seriously. I don't know if y'all get enough credit or not yet but you need to know how good y'all are.


Chicago, IL

I'm learning so much! I love it and cannot wait to see everything come together.

Hilda Lule

Orlando, FL

I've never seen anything like this! For a career field that can often seem like a maze, Bandbasher is helping me understand the path a whole lot easier.

Marshall Austin

San Diego, CA

So what's your biggest struggle? Break through it today!

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