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Frequently Asked Questions

Bandbahser FAQ Page

Q: What is Bandbasher?

A: Bandbasher is a tool that provides users with a tailored learning track to gain industry knowledge in building their career. Whether you’re an artist, producer, songwriter or just someone interested in getting into the music business, our learning platform shows you how to reach your goals—no matter the level. Through step-by-step instruction in areas such as branding, collaborating, and promoting yourself you can gain the tools necessary to become successful.

Q: Is it free?

A: Our Beta period is completely free! You’ll have access to all of the tools we have available at no cost to you. We’re also going to roll out new features and content continuously during this time.

Q: Why should I sign up?

A: Our Beta trial offers you the exclusive opportunity to use the platform and get connected to industry knowledge for free. You’ll also be the first to hear about new Bandbasher features and tools AND get early access to them.

Q: What if I don’t have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc?

A: You have come to the right place! Watch our videos (especially the section on Branding) for guidelines to creating an account and why social media is important for artists and music industry professionals.

Q: I want to learn about record deals and finding a manager. Where can I find that information?

A: In our videos! To learn more about the ins and outs of building a support team for your music career, as well as signing contracts, check out the videos in your journey. Also, check out our blog for articles on those topics at

Q: How do I get started with Bandbasher?

A: Follow the below checklist to get started: (1) Click the orange box at the top of your browser that says “Register” (or in the dropdown menu on the top right for mobile users). (2) Fill in your info and select a Journey that represents your goals in the industry. (3) Connect your social media on your profile to get instant overviews of your performance and reach. Future updates will improve this tool with in-depth breakdowns. (4) Start your Journey with video courses on branding, recording, performing, and a lot of other industry knowledge.

Q: What does “Numbers” mean?

A: Numbers helps you track your career growth using your social media data all in one place. It's easy, convenient, and a great way to monitor social media strategies for what's working (and what's not). Start by linking your social media to your Numbers profile.

Q: What is the SoundCloud button?

A: With our easy-to-use button, you can backup all of your SoundCloud tracks, artwork, and playlists. Feel secure knowing your hard work isn’t going anywhere.

Q: How do I know when my SoundCloud files are backed up?

A: Because the import may take a few minutes, we send you an email when everything is complete.

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