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Experience the freedom of learning on-the-go, with industry insider information finally all in one place. Your Journey provides tailored videos that help you to further your music career, but you decide when and how you learn. Access your lesson plan from anywhere and instantly watch information-packed lessons.

Apply The Skills You Learned


The Numbers feature allows you to realize where your progress is coming from. While other sites may flash a lot of statistics onscreen, they don’t help you understand how your actions contributed to those numbers. With Bandbasher’s Numbers tool, you’re able to chart each step and the result.

Apply The Skills You Learned


Showcase your talent by uploading music to your Bandbasher profile. Have tracks on SoundCloud? Guarantee you don’t lose anything by backing everything up with the push of a button. With one click you can transfer all of your tracks, playlists, and artwork to Bandbasher. We’re giving you the security of knowing your hard work isn't going anywhere.

Apply The Skills You Learned


The Connections tool is here for you to build the support system you need to further your music industry reach. Search for the missing pieces in your network, Connect with music industry professionals, and Chat to set up collaborations. Every Connection is another link in building your community!

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