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The lack of truly useful information about the industry is discouraging and what little exists is generally low-quality, outdated, or from unknown sources. We give unbiased, factual insights in areas where we have real-world experience.

Learn The Music Business

Work Around Your Schedule

Maintaining a music career isn’t like a 9 to 5 gig-- there’s no set time schedule. Our 2-minute video lessons help you prioritize your career, without taking up all your time.

Apply The Skills You Learned

Learn From Our Mistakes

Our Industry Strategists have a combined 60+ years of industry experience (and trust us, there were some mistakes made in that time). With our lessons, you’ll be able to avoid bad decisions and common industry pitfalls.

Understand Your Growth as an Artist

Build from the Ground Up

A successful career starts with a solid foundation. Each video focuses on a specific topic, allowing you the opportunity to practice your skills in the real-world before moving on to the next.

A Mentor In Your Pocket

Some of Our Courses

Branding Basics

This course guides you in building the best brand to fit your music and your image.

The Business Side

The Business Side

In this course we give you tips on handling the other side of the industry, including budgeting, business plans, and project management.

Record Deals

Record Deals

These videos give you a summary of what to expect from major label deals, and the pros and cons that go with them.

Sound Development

Developing Your Sound

This course walks you through what you will need to evolve your sound as an artist.

Independent Artist

Independent Artist

We give you some insight into what it means to be an independent artist and what it takes to be one.

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