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You Need Them To Make It

Fans: The Backbone to Success

Your fans listen to your music to connect with you, and now you can use Numbers to connect with them. Every time they stream your song, buy your merch, or even comment on a post, they are helping you grow -- and we use all of this to help you better understand them.

Add an Analyst to Your Team

Add an Analyst to Your Team

You have so much data available to you, but there is only one goal: to grow your fanbase. Numbers takes this into account while analyzing your data, and simplifies it down to only what you need to achieve that goal. It's like having a full-time analyst on your team!

Track Your Ride or Dies

Track Your Ride or Dies

How committed are your fans? Are most of them casual listeners, or are you cultivating a gang of die-hard believers? Cross referencing your data with industry trends, we give you suggestions on how to turn those listeners into your die-hards.

Set and Achieve Goals

Set and Achieve Your Goals

Setting goals allows you to break down the work into manageable tasks while keeping yourself motivated. Set a goal for any of your metrics, and Numbers will show your daily progress and how far you have to go.

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